How can we help?

We design and develop world-class websites and applications.

What do we do?

We take on-demand work
We curate freelancers
We match talent with work
We manage your projects
We manage quality
We manage work deliveries
We manage payments
We manage communications

What we don't do?

We don't do Project bidding
We don't do on-site contract hiring
We don't do Full/ Part time job hiring
We don't directly connect talent
We don't charge any extra fees
We don't take success-based projects
Frequently Asked Questions

Answers for the most asked questions. If you can't find what you are looking for. Chat with us.

What does ClanUp platform do?
ClanUp is a platform with a curated network of freelancers/ agencies across tech and design. We are revolutionizing the digital landscape by combining talent curation and project management. We've started by creating a smart platform to bring in verfied and vetted freelance talent to cate to the ever-increasing digital product design & development needs across a variety of skills & industries. We at ClanUp, deliver the advantage of fast, cost efficient, quality and trustworthy to our customers.
Who are ClanUp freelancers/ teams?
ClanUp's tech & design freelancers/ teams are verified & handpicked from thousands of applicants we are in touch with. All the applications are rigorously reviewed and test through a multi-layered selection process and added based on core expertise, skills, industries, capabilities and experience. We assign your requirements to the most suitable freelancer/ team from our pool to meet your work expectations.
What is your approach to work/ modus operandi?
All our projects are based on intelligence, insight and skills. We invest heavily in gathering understanding your exact work requirements, and deliver customized solutions suitable to your needs. We ensure transparency with our clients, making it easy for them to express their requirements and expectations.
Why should I choose ClanUp? Do you charge any fees for requirements?
We do not charge any extra fees for sending us requirements, we only send you proposals with cost estimates and timelines for your requirement. On-demand platforms like ours are the future of productive work execution. Digitization is one of the most important things today and tech & design are what power the world. If you’re looking for a tech & design solutions for yourself/ your brand/ your organization, we have just the right people for you. It is like an entire network of thousands of freelancers/ teams are building your products/ services with a single point of contact.

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